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I wonder when human life begins. Is it the moment of birth or conception? Is it when someone starts to come into their own? The development of cloning techniques, which make use of human egg cells and embryos, makes us need to think about bioethics more than ever. For example, paintings of Annunciation are very interesting for me because it portrays the beginning of life, going beyond its religious meaning. For this book, I bound the following things that inspired me to explore this topic: a collage out of Annunciation and St. Family by Simone Martini, and two things written in Japanese - a text of the Law Concerning Regulation Relating to Human Cloning Techniques and Other Similar Techniques, and the proceedings of council on bioethics.

42cm×30cm/edition of 10
with soft case
print: silkscreen, inkjet print/Janguage: Japanese/English


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