[ SINN(E) SAMMELN/original edition]
When I studied in Germany, I picked a lot of plants anywhere I went. As I picked a lot of plants, I had thought about a nonverbal sense. I bound these plants I picked and a poem by German and Braille, and named it "SINN(E) SAMMELN". The poem contains "KIGO", a seasonal keyword in it. German tittle "SINN(E) SAMMELN" means the concentration on perception and mind.
*KIGO is words selected for show season. In making poem as like "HAIKU", "TANKA","RENGA", one should use only one "KIGO" regularly.

size: 12cm×20cm/7set
Edition of 1
material: japanese paper, hand made binding, plastic
print: letter press
language: German

copyrights 2005 ada all rights reserved.