[ SINN(E) SAMMELN/original edition]
When I studied in Germany, it was not easy for me to communicate with my friends in German. So, when I went somewhere with my friends, I picked some plants instead of talking with them. As I picked more plants, I started thinking about “haiku,” which is a type of short poetry originally from Japan, because it is written by comparing your feelings to nature. I bound these plants and some poems written in German and Braille for this book, and named it SINN(E) SAMMELN. There are seasonal words called “Kigo” in those poems. The German title SINN(E) SAMMELN means concentrating perception and mind. *Kigo is a word or phrase associated with a particular season, used in traditional forms of Japanese poetry such as Haiku. You can usually use Kigo only once per one haiku poem.

size: 12cm×20cm/7set
Edition of 1
material: japanese paper, hand made binding, plastic
print: letter press
language: German


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