[ The Announcement]
Which period is the dawn of a human life? The moment of birth or conception or when one says "I" by pointing to oneself for the first time? The development of cloning techniques which make use of human egg cell and embryo compels us to consider bioethics deeply enough once more. Images on "the Announcement to Maria" impress me as vividly portraying the beginning of life, in additon to their religious meaning. As something that triggers your comtemplation on the theme, I bound as a book the following materials: 2 Pictures "the Announcement" "St. Family" by Simone Martini and "The Law Concerning Regulation Relating to Human Cloning Techniques and Other Similar Techniques" in Japan and " the proceedings of council on bioethics"..

42cm×30cm/edition of 10
with soft case
print: silkscreen, inkjet print/Janguage: Japanese/English

copyrights 2005 ada all rights reserved.