Inspired by life science, I created a book based on Goethe’s FAUST in the year that the entire human genome was sequenced, thinking of some people’s imaginary graves. In the beginning, it says as follows: Here FAUST rests with his genes, his experiences, his ashes, and his myrrh.
It consists of three parts. All text comes from partial quotes of FAUST written in German. The first fold book is part of his genes and everything is omitted except for the letters “A, T, G, and C.” The second one is a set of 20 photographs which represent his experiences. The last one is a bundle of papers stained with ashes and myrrh from a burned manuscript.
Each part is a story of FAUST narrated from different points of view, with the image of the grave as a symbol to remember the dead.

20cm×30cm/Editions of 9/with case
material: paper, ash and myrrh
language: German

I did a installation on the same theme with book [FAUST] with Hiroyuki Maruyama, Original text of Goethe's FAUST on photos of book "FAUST" change DNA code.
movie with marucom


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