The book images Goethe's FAUST inspiring on life science. In this time genetic map will have been just decoded, I created a book imaging grave of man who does not exist.
In the book it says as following; Here FAUST reposes / with his gene / his experience / his ash / and myrrh
This book consists of 3 parts. All the text is from original FAUST. The first is part of his gene. Everything except the letter "ATGC" was omitted. We can't read the story only ATGC code. The second shows his experience with 20 photos . The third is part of his ash and myrrh. The part smell sacred myrrh. The original text was burnt in completely and much ash. This part is dyed in gray with the ash.

20cm×30cm/Editions of 9/with case
material: paper, ash and myrrh
language: German
collection of Klingspor Museum Offenbach

I did a installation on the same theme with book "FAUST" with Hiroyuki Maruyama, Original text of Goethe's FAUST on photos of book "FAUST" change DNA code.
movie with marucom

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